ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7

Publicado en 'Laptops' por Akmus, 8 Jul 2011.

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    5 Jun 2011

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    4 May 2010
    Holy Shit!
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    26 Jun 2011

    ASUS VX7-A1 Lamborghini 15.6"

    This laptop is currently listed at about $2300. This is obviously a huge amount of money for this laptop given the quality and specs.

    Pros: Nice leather palm rest
    Nice items included(bag, mouse,etc)
    Good Paint in my opinion
    Very good cooling system as usual with Asus gaming laptops

    Cons: Overpriced! ¬¬

    1. The laptop is does not even have the screen of the Asus G73 and new G74. Therefore, we can only compare it to the Asus G53. This laptop is not 3D either. As reviewed by a number of sites with videos it was shown that image quality is not great. It is about average for the category. Remember, this is about $1000 or more than the base G53 and more than the G73 3D and the new G74 with a better graphics card.

    Viewing angles are not very good and the darker colors don't look great. This is very bad since this laptop is so expensive. :plop:

    2. Keyboard is not that great and the computer is a knockoff of Alienware with the lighting. It does not come close to the lighting of Alienware. In my opinion it seems MSI may have done a better job with lighting.

    3. Speakers are not that good, better on Asus G73/74. The Bass is like nonexistant. Really disappointing. For this price you should get the best subwoofer and speaker system. :ptm:

    4. Keyboard- some flex not as bad as N53

    6. Great specs but this comes at a very high price. Most people will never need the excess specs given. Furthermore, there are new Nvidia cards out right now that are better.

    Bottom Line: Buy an Alienware M17x and save about $500 or more and it is still better. A really top notch Alienware M17x 3D will be about the same price but without as much ram which you won't need. The case of the Alienware is far superior. If you want to save more money get the Asus G74 that is out in July. This laptop is a complete waste of money. Don't buy it.

    Summary of Alternative Choices: :errr:

    1. Alienware M17x is by far the best
    2. Alienware M18X
    3. Asus G74 or G53
    4. Toshiba Qosmio (just released but some people may not like the colors and only 1600x900 without 3D)but 3D model is 1920x1080 and its $1800 which is still cheaper than VX7
    5. MSI GT780 or GX780 (cooling system is not that good) Very cheap plastics
    6. HP Eny 17 or Eny 17 3D (has ATI 6850 which is pretty good)
    There are a number of other custom gaming laptop makers but some of the them are very plain and ugly. I am sure you know which ones I am talking about.

    The VX7 is worth buying under $1200 seriously. It does not bring anything new just a lot of specs but not the greatest quality and not top notch materials. Should include longer warranty as well. I hope this review helps and feel free to look at online reviews and videos.

    Slds. :hi:

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    26 Jun 2011
    se ve bonita, y a la ves bien robusta. "pesara tan generosamente" 4 kilos como la alienware?? por que si es asi yo preferiria cargar mi cpu en mi mochila :P