[Vendo] Equipo de Sonido Pre-amp Pioneer de Alta Fidelidad (spec 1 - spec 4)

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    20 Ene 2015

    Vendo sistema de sonido pioner (spec 1-spec 4) este equipo es de alta fidelidad de sonido,Es muy "muy superior "a cualquier equipo de sonido y sus materiales se fabricación son de la más alta calidad, "solo para conocedores "- Es un equipo Original Neto "Made in Japan ". "Abstenerse Cachineros "

    SPEC 1

    the SPEC-1 is an all-Class A SEPP design : phono, flat amp, tone controls and output, three stages every time.

    The flat amp has a PNP differential amplifier with 3-stage DC class-A SEPP circuit, with a ±48V split power supply and 100% DC negative feedback in the first-stage for DC stability.
    Other ±48V supplies feed input and output buffers to raise input and lower output impedances.

    The all-important phono stage is also fed by two ±48V supplies to ensure a high overload level of 500mV at 1Khz.

    The phono 2 input has a distinct smaller 4-gang input level to adjust its sensitivity between 2,5mV and 10mV (or 0dB to -12dB) ; its level up to -6dB is adjusted by and NFb loop and by the output attenuator until -12dB.

    The volume attenuator is a 4x 50kOhm / 22-steps 4-gang ALPS (as usual) with an added three-position muting switch for 0dB, -15dB and -30dB input levels.
    A relay mutes the output when the SPEC-1 is switched on or off.

    Tone controls are of the NF type, allowing between their MAIN and SUB section 5929 tone altering possibilities.

    Inside are all low-noise PNP/NPN transistors, micron-tolerance circuits and resistors.

    Added to the C-77 for its SPEC-1 export version is a set of one speaker input and two speaker outputs, in addition to the two pre-out terminals.

    The specs 4

    The Spec-4 employs DC construction which excludes capacitors from the NFB circuits and uses a dual transistor differential amplifier with a current mirror circuit in the 1st stage.

    This provides a stable operation and also high gain over a wide frequency range.

    The pre-driver stage is a class A circuit with a regulated current circuit for the load.

    This makes for high gain amplification with superior linearity.

    Furthermore, there is an overdrive limiter and power limiter circuit which is designed to protect the power transistors and make for added reliability.

    Power output: 150 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
    Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz
    "Total harmonic distortion: 0.01%"
    Damping factor: 100
    Input sensitivity: 1V
    Signal to noise ratio: 115dB
    Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω
    Semiconductors: 2 x IC, 61 x transistors, 62 x diodes
    Dimensions: 480 x 187 x 445mm
    Weight: 24.5kg

    Precio: 2300
    En Ebay su precio llega 1000€
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