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    vendo proyector 3d marca viewsonic, solo usado 30 min para ser probado, tengo caja manuales todo, me lo han dado en parte de pago de una laptop asi que lo pongo a al venta

    Es 3dvision ready
    ViewSonic PJD5112

    ViewSonic PJD5112 is a practical projector that offers outstanding value and performance. Here are what ViewSonic has to offer based on the its web information :
    • BrilliantColor™ technology delivers brilliant, true-color and high contrast images
    • Supports high-definition signals and projects 2,600 lumens
    • Clear, bright images in most lighting conditions
    • Light and compact makes it ideal for the mobile presenter
    • Extensive connectivity, including two RGB inputs and one RGB output
    • Eco-mode reduces fan noise and extends lamp life up to 5,000 hours
    The ViewSonic PJD5112 is an excellent multifunctional data/video projector and is perfect for users looking for an easy to use, versatile and portable projector at a great price.
    Pros :
    • 3D-ready
    • Good connectivity
    • Power saving features
    Cons :
    • Extra cable might be needed
    • Low volume
    ViewSonic PJD5112 offers a 120 Hz maximum refresh rate, which is an essential requirement for 3D. Today’s 3D technology creates the 3D effect by showing alternate frames to each eye. Since each one sees only half of the frames, a 120 Hz image effectively becomes 60 Hz for each eye. In addition, the projector has settings for both NVIDIA 3D Vision and TI 3D DLP-LINK modes.
    The back panel of ViewSonic PJD5112 has more connectors than many portable projectors. There are two VGA ports that can both connect to either a computer or component video source, a third VGA port for monitor pass-through, S-Video and composite video ports, and stereo miniplugs for audio input and output.
    [​IMG]With its default settings, ViewSonic PJD5112 hovers around a relatively hefty 10 watts in standby mode. We measured it with a Kill-a-Watt meter, which measures only in full watts, as wavering between 9 and 11 watts. However, you can also set the projector to Green mode, which isn’t explained in the manual. ViewSonic says this shuts down the 12V DC port which drops the standby power to less than 1 watt. The Kill-a-Watt meter confirmed this with a reading of 0 watts. You can also set a timer to automatically turn off the projector if you forget to. The settings range from 1 to 60 minutes after it loses a signal.
    ViewSonic PJD5112 comes with only a power cord and VGA cable. If you want to use any of the audio or video connections, expect to buy extra cable separately.
    Although the ViewSonic PJD5112 offers reasonably good quality audio, the top volume for the 2 watt speaker is woefully inadequate even for a small conference room, as is typically the case for portable projectors. If you need audio, you’ll need to plug separate speaker for audio output.
    ViewSonic 3D-ready will bring you a great experience of 3D image views. At 5.7 pounds it’s reasonably portable, with more connectors than most portable projectors and more security features than many. ViewSonic PJD5112 power saving features also help us and saving the earth from global warming. Its poor brightness uniformity and tendency to show sequential breakup easily in video is potentially bothersome. Not quite high volume of built-in speakers might force you to provide separate audio system

    link de 3dvision http://3dvision-blog.com/nvidia-gpu-and-3d-vision-driver-197-41-with-gtx-470-gtx-480-support/

    Precio 600 dolares
    Acepto Hardware y cosas en parte de pago

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