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Yetisports Christmas Candy Climb

Publicado en 'iPhone' por yetisports, 4 Dic 2009.

  1. yetisports

    yetisports Miembro nuevo

    18 Mar 2009

    Yeti is in a peaceful mood, he has decided to stop smacking Pengu around during Christmas time. He left the baseball bat at home and is trying cooperation for a change. In this Xmas special Pengu aims high and Yeti commits his full athletic prowess to the cause.

    The goal of this game is to place the canes at ideal intervals for Pengu to climb as high as possible. Not an easy feat for Yeti since he has to jump while throwing the candy. Timing is crucial and it doesn’t help that the number of canes is limited. Will Yeti keep it up despite all the Christmas cookies he ate?

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